About Me

Alok, is risk taking maverick, born in 1977 who firmly believes that
"Life is an Experiment".
From the childhood days, he tries to understand the purpose of life, and to read varieties of books and has bunch of hobbies some of them are poetry, astrology, palmistry, homeopathy, general medical science. Among all, poetry is his passion. Start writing poems at the age of 12.

By profession, he is manager in pvt multi-national company, stays in Bangalore. He is basically, a right brain person takes events of life as it comes.

His father being professor at one of the University, teaches science had a dream to see his son as an Engineer. He completed his bachelor of engineering and started working with different MNC's.

Apart from regular work schedule could able steal from time and had written about 50 poems and a dozen of short stories, published at different professional site. This blog is an attempt keep all his work a place in a structured way and in a humble way to contribute to society by adding value to literature.

Hope and request all my visitor and friends to provide feedback, comment and promote. Hope you will enjoy the journey of this blog!

Lots of thanks,

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